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A global pioneering webinar on ‘Biosecurity Audit’ was conducted by IUFS India, headquartered Faridabad NCR India on September 12, 2020 at 17:00 hours IST with the presence of Expert panelists from Australia and Canada. The session was presided by Mr Anoop Mittal, Governor Rotary Club. The Webinar sensitized the policymakers and other stakeholders on the need and scope of Biosecurity Audit.This online event was conducted after the success of the first Biosecurity Audit in India.The First Audit Report was presented by Sh. K.K Jalan, IAS Ex- Secretary Government of India, to Mr. Suresh Chander the Chairman of Grand Columbus International School, Faridabad. The participants were enlightened on the subject.The session started with some valuable insights from Prof. Anoop Swarup, Prof. Jagadish Math, Mr. Ripuranjan Sinha. and Prof K.K. Pande. Prof. Anoop Swarup showed the way ahead and contributed to the discussion. The session uniquely emphasized the integration of Biosecurity audit parameters with the United Nation’s sustainable development goals and the financial parameters.


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